Director's Message

Realizing the dreams of your era, paving path for futurity through excelling in varied hues of saga that is called Life. Here beginning encompasses the grooming of talent & ending just envisages. Complementing the society for actualizing secondary goals of living ; it is an abode away from abode where tender hearts find reasons for smiling and where education is imparted for the sake of higher goals.

Educating here is a mission that we tend to accomplish with strenuous striving day in & day out. Where ours is the beacon that acts like a light house guiding many today and more tomorrow.Committing towards zenith is motivation ,and self- belief in success is our thought for progression.

We, the custodians of futurity , explicitly work for building characters that would strengthen our nation. Let us exert & rededicate ourselves for carving a wonderful impression on the sands of time and justify that humanity is the image that God created as His own.

Mr. Navneet Dogra

Bharti Vidyapeeth Public Sr. Sec. School