• One passport size photograph.
  • Original date of birth certificate of student.
  • If the student is coming from another school affiliated to any board under law, then he/she should submit the original school leaving certificate of the institute attended along with detailed marks card.


Admission of the student from the school will stand cancelled if:
  • His/he documents were found to be false and against the norms of admission.
  • Date of birth certificate is not produced within 15 days from the date of admission.
  • Students create in-discipline in the school or misbehave with staff of classmates.
  • He/she tries to damage the school furniture/property.
  • He/she flouts school rules and regulation etc.

Fees Detail for the session 2022-23

Class Admission Fee Annual Charges Fees
Nursery 2500 1000 1000
KG 0 1000 1000
First 2500 1000 1000
Second 0 1000 1000
Third 0 1000 1000
Fourth 0 1000 1100
Fifth 0 1000 1100
Sixth 2500 1000 1100
Seventh 0 1000 1100
Eighth 0 1000 1100
Ninth 2500 1000 1200
Tenth 0 1000 1200
Plus One (Sc.) 3000 2000 1900
Plus Two (Sc.) 0 2000 1900
** Annual Charge will be 50% in case of siblings


** The school do not charge Exam Fee, Annual Day fee, Development Fund, Building Fund or any other type of fund.

Online fees deposit

Click to pay online School Fees


School Fee Rules

School fee should be get deposited upto 15th of every month. After the due date late Fee Rs. 100/- will be charged. In case of gazetted holiday on 15th of any month fee can be deposited on 16th of that month without late fee.

School Timing

School Timing will remain same in summer and winter i.e.9 a.m. to 3 p.m Students and school staff will have to reach the school before 8.45 a.m.
First Bell 8:45 A.M.
Second Bell 9:00 A.M
Morning Assembly 9:00 A.M. to 9:25 A.M.
Commencement of classes 9:25 A.M onwards

Norms For Leave

  1. Leave Application of the student will be get sectioned by the Principal of the school only if it has been signed by the student by the parents/guardian of the student.
  2. Sick leave of the student will be get sectioned only after the submission of medical certificate by the competent medical authority.
  3. Name of the student will be get struck off from the school records if (he/she) the student remain absent from the school for 7 days consecutively. Re-admission fees Rs. 2000 will be get charged in such cases.