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The library endeavours to provide students with opportunities to learn how to utilise materials in a variety of formats to access information so that they can continue lifelong learning.

List of Books in Library:

Sr. No. Name Quantity Value
1. English 495 9364
2. Hindi 846 14792
3. S.Study 238 13605
4. Science 295 5675
5. G.K. 481 7437
6. Sanskrit 118 3256
7. Maths 426 14019
8. Others 39 4642
9. Computer 465 16023
10. E.V.S. 66 2629
  Total: 3469 90846

News Paper:

1. The Tribune = English

2. Divya Himachal = Hindi

Physical and Sports Facilities:

Sports facility available in the Institution:-

1. Basket Ball

2. Volley Ball

3. Kho-Kho

4. Bedminton

5. Atheletics

6. Boxing

There are separate Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry & Biology with adequate number of Apparatus, sufficient Chemical, Slides, Microscope, and Specimen for study. A Maths Lab, Language Lab and Junior Science Lab are also in the pipeline.

The importance of Computer Technology support teaching and learning, develop student IT calibre, or to support educational management, is now recognised throughout the world. Keeping this in view Bharti Vidyapeeth Public Senior Secondary School is equipped with a Fully networked Computer-Lab, Gigabit Broadband Connection and well qualified faculties.

These are the places where destines are made. We have furnished, ventilated, illuminated and decorated class rooms. Special efforts are made for making them presentable. We develop a sense of belongingness in students towards their class rooms and School as a whole.

These places will transport one in other world and a person with true aesthetics will be pleased. The atmosphere becomes heavenly with multicoloured exhibits and the melodies coming from the music room are wondrous.