• Laboratories
    Our Science Laboratories are well equipped, furnished and maintained .Their hallmarks are interactive boards, projectors, gadgets, models, displays etc. There are separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology , Maths , Geography and a Junior Science Lab as well.O ur students are given maximum exposure to the world of Physical And Social Sciences.
  • Computer Room
    Bharti Vidyapeeth Public Senior Secondary School has an excellent computer room where students work on the wonder-machines. Beginning from projects-making and extended to other areas, students are keen on getting knowledge and skill that will help them in their future.
  • Play Fields
    We have separate play grounds for boys and girls. Our students have made their way to many national and state level competitions and have brought laurels to the School.
  • Our Class Rooms
    These are the places where destines are made. We have furnished, ventilated, illuminated and decorated class rooms. Special efforts are made for making them presentable. We develop a sense of belongingness in students towards their class rooms and School as a whole.
  • Library
    We have a well stocked and maintained library. Bulletin Board which provides knowledge of currents events ,career opportunities is another speciality of our library.
  • Multi Purpose Hall
    It is another significant place of our institution. Various programmes like cultural, ancillary activities and guest lectures are organised here. It is virtually the place where orators, singers, danseuses are groomed.
  • Art Room and Music Room
    These places will transport one in other world and a person with true aesthetics will be pleased. The atmosphere becomes heavenly with multicoloured exhibits and the melodies coming from the music room are wondrous.